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Things to know

1.There are clear signs of awareness through signs, shop names, we encourage, private or uniformed uniforms associations, clubs, groups which they participate in the activities repair service provider for guest.
2.There is seating for customers in the shop when the means to carry out repairs.
3.Fully equipped common repair tools, protective equipment, vehicles moving.
4.Keep the store always neat, clean and tidy.
5.Always talking to customers to determine the cause, unity. repair plan and then proceed to repair. Avoid absolute fixing means that no uniform or not notice prices with customers.

6.Always have and demand attitude, courtesy, respect for clients in any given situation.
7.Keep a smile on your face all the time, anywhere when served.
8.Question and suggest their customers value through the application after finishing the repair of vehicles.
9.Always cheerful, sociable with the surrounding community.
10.Absolute compliance with road traffic laws when moving in rescue situations.
11.Absolute compliance with the law as prescribed by state socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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App gọi thợ trên Android
App gọi thợ trên iPhone

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